About Bordure Events

Framing An Unforgettable Journey

Whether it’s an intimate affair, an elaborate gala or a wedding, Bordure specializes in catering exquisite events by “Framing an Unforgettable Journey” filled with grace and joy.

My passion lies in providing my clients with a one of a kind journey by bringing their dreams into reality in a way that is personal and reflective of their vision, style and values. I conduct myself professionally with attention to details, forethought and resourcefulness to put ease into your big day in hopes of surpassing expectations and creating memories that will last a lifetime.” – Farida Attout

About Farida Attout

A Love Story In The Making …

Once upon a time, there was a happy ending.

Yes, happy endings usually don’t come at the beginning of a story but for some lucky ones, it does. You see, happy endings are what we do best.

It all started when Farida Attout decided to pursue her very own passion for creating a happy ending everyday by founding Bordure; a specialized service for wedding planning and event organizing.

Bordure is a manifestation of “Framing an Unforgettable Journey”, one that is tailored to each and every unique story behind it, and yet always overflowing with chic sophistication and true personality.

Challenging the conventional wisdom of how hectic wedding planning could be, Bordure is creating the exception to the rule.

Bordure’s talented team has made a name for themselves thanks to their ability to turn ideas into flawless inspiring occasions with such keen attention to detail ensuring that every aspect of an occasion is handled with grace and ease.

So when it comes to happy endings, make sure yours is one you’ll always remember happily ever after.